Elhadji Gueye, Leading Fashion Designer, Talks About How COVID-19 Will Influence Fashion

When I asked premier fashion stylist Elhadji Gueye how he believes COVID-19 will impact fashion, he was quick to express his feelings about the future of the fashion industry. And according to him, if people were to look inside a crystal ball showing the industry, they would like what they saw.

As people weather the storm that the coronavirus pandemic has brought about, people may feel a sense of both weariness and relief. They might feel battered by the fears that COVID-19 has sparked around the world. At the same time, they may feel a new sense of hope, vitality, liberty, and health. And this is what Elhadji believes the fashion industry should capitalize on going forward.

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I talked to Elhadji Gueye of Maison De Haj to gather his input on how COVID-19 will affect our fashion trends in the months and years ahead.

Style and COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic is already having a major impact on style. For instance, beards are beginning to go away because they can easily store germs. And more people are sporting protective masks.

However, there are concerns that wearing masks day in and day out will provide another hotbed for germs if they are not addressed correctly. Elhadji Gueye said he plans to address this concern.

Elhadji said, “This is a concern that needs to be considered, and it’s why I have focused on washable, sustainable materials. I also think that as people are accepting the reality that this is not a short-term issue, it will be important to have multiple masks as a fundamental article of clothing.”

Elhadji further said, “Let’s also be conscientious that disposable masks in large quantities are a negative impact to the environment and create another issue altogether.”

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Style and Social Distancing

Another hotbed issue in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic is whether to observe social distancing rules. According to Elhadji Gueye, social distancing will indeed affect fashion as it relates to the current culture.

Elhadji explained that “social distancing has created a quiet, reflective mood where we are relating less to the social cues around us. But as we begin to increase our social interactions, it will be important to remember the opportunity that exists in how we dress and the impact of our personal presence.”

Elhadji summed up his explanation of why fashion has a bright future with this: “This a time to show up at your best to motivate yourself as well as those you come into contact with. We need that energy and vibe, and we can take that good vibe wherever we go and in any room we enter.”

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